Materr'UP technology


Let's decarbonize building

Materr’UP is a start up company dedicated to earthen building. It develops and carries out innovating, high performance and sustainable solutions for low carbon construction.

A unique patented technology


Materr’Up technological specificity is based on a patented binding agent which allows for the completion of a high performance, innovating, circular and local construction and building process, thus addressing the issues of ecological transition.

Two building and construction solutions :

  • self-compacting pit clay based concrete
  • self compacting on-site raw earth based concrete

The recycling rate of our concretes is assuredly higher than the rate of recycling in traditional concrete. Our concretes are entirely recyclable without loss of mechanical performance.


Materr’up is a most promising binding agent. It offers the opportunity for the construction industry and more generally for the building of sustainable cities to (re) invent themselves and innovate.

Mathieu Neuville

CEO & Scientific Director


Join us at VIVA TECH

May 16-18 2019 - PARIS

Materr'UP Team is expanding

Materr'UP - low carbon solutions is growing with the arrival of Manuel Mercé. He manages our technological plateform and the industrialization of our low carbon concretes.

Article - La Vie Economique - March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019

Materr'UP - low carbon solutions evoques its projects and its technological plateform.